Who Remembers Firmin Dubé?

Who remembers Firmin Dubé?

Who remembers Lenore Kinsler if that’s her real surname?

Karen does remember even if they are her distant ancestors from Alpena township, Alpena, Michigan, United States.

She is the reader who added her grain of salt last time on this blog after cousin Joe’s forwarded message.

Her comments were touching in a way…

I love your post today Pierre from a Dube and associated families fan. Hope you post my other comment too…

I did not post her other comments because it had too much personal information about her roots. But I contacted her since she is a descendant of Mathurin Dubé and I offered her to visit my Ancestry site for free.

Mathurin Dubé

I never get tired of finding Dubé relatives… and everything is always free.

11 thoughts on “Who Remembers Firmin Dubé?

  1. Hello Pierre,

    I want to thank you for sharing your tree with me. I just wanted to share an idea on how many of Firmin Dube’s descendants there are just through my grandmother and grandfather there are over 200 Dube and Dubey descendants many of them with roots in Alpena Michigan, grandmother’s siblings all left town and started there own dynasties I never really knew them.
    I am just recently finding some information about them. Many in the Bay City and Flint Michigan areas and others spread through the country. Somewhere back in time Joseph and John E Dubey must have had a falling out.
    I grew up not realizing I was related to many, if not all of the Dubys, Dubies and Dubeys in my home town. Perhaps I’ll get to the bottom of the mystery one day.


  2. I have Lenore as John Dubé ‘ s second wife. The first one was Lenora Henderson. I can’t remember how I got this. I am not directly related to these people, but I can share what I have found.

  3. About Lenore…
    According to the 1900 census
    Married for 29 years
    10 children 7 still living in 1900
    This puts that marriage circa 1871.

  4. John and Lenore are my 3rd great grandparents. Their son, Joseph, being my 2nd great grandfather. I’ve been going crazy trying to track her down. I noticed a few discrepancies in the records.

    According to the 1900 and 1910 census, they were married in 1871. The 1910 census shows that this is her second marriage. I can’t find anything in regard to a first marriage. And if they were married in 1871, then George, born in 1867 is likely not from this union.

    Then in 1920, it appears that John is living with son, Joseph, and Lenore is living with son John. I then found a marriage certificate between John at 63 and Lenore at 67 on 09 Oct 1908.

    Any light someone can shed would be so appreciated. Additionally, I have a photo of son Joseph Dubey if anyone is interested.

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