I hope Cynthia does not think I am too obsessed with her ancestors. I know my good friend Ron does not think so.

Cynthia just wanted my help to look for Blanche.


I am a descendant of Blanche Corelia Bleau. I have gotten pretty excited to come upon these pictures. I wonder, does anyone know of her? She passed away, many years ago, but I have always been interested in the Bleau name. Her husband was Edward Roland Collins.

Thank you,

I hardly can control myself when it’s time to look for people’s ancestors.

I react like a piranha.

Pierre obsessed? No way…

I asked Cynthia for a time period about Blanche Bleau’s birth.

I feel that my Grandma Blanche would’ve probably been born late 1800s. ie; 1889 or later. There was a mis-spell on her birth cert. Silly; Corelia changed to Gorelia.. something like that.…

It’s the only thing I needed… and then the frenzy began and I could not stop searching for most of Blanche Bleau’s ancestors and her husband for that matter.

Blanche Bleau

Blanche BleauEdward CollinsEdward R. Collins

Just could not stop…