Corilla Blanche Bleau

Try Googling that on the Internet to search for her.

Not much information.

Unless you sent a comment like this on my blog Our Ancestors…

Hello, I am a descendant of Blanche Corelia Bleau. I have gotten pretty excited to come upon these pictures. I wonder, does anyone know of her? She passed away, many years ago, but I have always been interested in the Bleau name. Her husband was Edward Roland Collins.
Thank you,

4 thoughts on “Corilla Blanche Bleau

  1. A little more information from the sender might go a long ways , time frame and place would help . That way you find out if the puzzle is 100 or 1000 pieces …. lol

    • I wrote her… She gave me just enough so the floodgates opened wide once again.
      Stay tuned Ron.
      I know you love to read my blog.

      • I am anxious too for her, it’s been awhile since the Bleau family has been searched by someone, great job Pierre for keeping this blog going, we all appreciate all your hard work.

      • It’s not the same branch of Bleaus.
        I will tell all on the blog.
        Cynthia will like it.
        I have not heard from her today.


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