The Ashleys

Never got around to talk about the Ashleys.

I believe this is the right time to talk about that family.

Ashleys are in fact Dufresnes and they are of French-Canadian descent.

Ida Ashley seen here on her wedding day is the daughter of Arthur Ashley and Mary Archambeault.

wedding Henry Combe edited

We know everything about the Archambeault family thanks to Carl and his brother Frank Junior who shared pictures and information.

Remember Frank’s kitchen notes…?

Arthur Ashley married Mary Archambeault on August 21, 1882, in New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. They had three children that I found: William, Ida and Ernest.

The three children are on the wedding picture.

I found Ernest E. Ashley in the 1940 U.S. Census in Middletown, Connecticut with his wife Mary J. and two children, Frances M. and Robert. Ernest is the young boy in the first row.

William is just behind his sister Ida.

Wedding Ida Ashley

Almost all the people on this picture have been identified except for the young women in the back row.

So what about the Dufresnes? Arthur Ashley was the son of Louis Dufresne and Delphine Lépine.

I did not go any further on that search since I never got any request from any descendants.


18 thoughts on “The Ashleys

  1. Hi, could you please tell me why the Ashley’s are actually Dufresnes? My husband is a descendant of Arthur Ashley Jr. For a while he called himself Arthur Ashley, then he changed to Arthur Dufresne. Why would he do that?

  2. I have since read that Ashley is a dit name for Dufresne. He used Ashley in Connecticut then Dufresne when he moved to Rhode Island.

  3. Oh yes please, tell me what you found out. 🙂 My husband is descended from Arthur Dufresne Jr (Ashley) and his wife Mary.

    • I will send you a personal email. These people might not be the same. If they are, that would be a great breakthrough.

      • This is what I sent a few seconds ago…


        I need to have information (dates, places, siblings) to see if they are the same people.

        The Arthur Ashley I have was married to Mary Archambeault. The children they had were Ida, William, and Ernest E.
        Ida is the bride, Ernest is the teenager in front. William is beside Mary on the right side behind the bride.
        Ernest married someone whose name was Mary. I have Frances and Robert as children.

        Arthur was born in 1859 in St. Cuthbert, Quebec.

        Does this fit in with your people?


      • I have done a lot of online search and believe these people, Arthur and Mary, are our Arthur’s parents, which seem entirely possible. In one census, our Arthur is noted as Arthur Ashley Jr. His father was born in Canada and his mother in Vermont. Arthur Jr was born in Massachusetts, around 1885. This fits with Arthur Snr marrying in 1882.

  4. I ran across your blog from a Google search I was doing on my own Ashley/DuFresne family history. I have quite a lot of information entered on my family tree from other ancestors, but got stuck at my paternal great grandfather, Arthur E. Ashley (born 28 Oct 1882 in Connecticut). All the census info I’ve researched for him shows mother & father’s birthplace as “unknown”. I have no idea of Arthur’s parents names, but the Death Index for Arthur showed his father’s birthplace as Canada (no name or date). Arthur married Mabel Maxwell and they lived in Connecticut, then later moved to Washington state.

    The reason I’m writing is because when I was a little girl I remember my grandfather (John Daniel Ashley, Sr – born 15 Feb 1922 in Boise, Idaho) telling me a story about how we got our family name. He said there were two brothers with the last name of DuFresne who wanted to enlist in the military to fight in a war (I’m sorry, I can’t remember which war or what time period this was), but they were too young so they faked their age as a few year older & also changed their last name from DuFresne to Ashley in an attempt to sound more American. Over the years, I’ve come across some information that points to both the name Ashley and DuFresne as having the same meaning – “dweller in the ash tree meadow”, so it apparently wasn’t just a random name change.

    If my Arthur sound like he might be the son of your Arthur, or possibly in some other way related, could you please contact me?

    Thank you so much!

  5. I think I remember seeing your Arthur’s details in various records, Pierre, and it all got quite confusing because my Arthur also died in Rhode Island, in about 1934. My Arthur was also born in Massachusetts in 1885. When he and his wife Mary (Hart, I believe) lived in Connecticut, they were Ashley. When they moved to Rhode Island, they changed to Dufresne.

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