When to Stop Searching for Ancestors?

Whenever you feel like it. But it’s hard to resist that temptation to dig deeper and deeper.

Ron DepatieOne reader on the French version of this blog gave us a hand and found some information on Gladys Melanson and on Vera Anita Hiatt, William Melanson Junior’s wife.

Vera married three times.

I sent this information to Ron. I also sent him the information on Gladys and her husband Harry Gray.

This is what my reader found…

Henry Carson-Gray






So when to stop searching for ancestors?

1940 US Census William Melanson

William Melanson draft card

Probably never because you are never sure that what you have found is the right information.

4 thoughts on “When to Stop Searching for Ancestors?

  1. Hi Pierre,
    Your right “probably never”! I really enjoy the hunt and the best part is the find.,…Have a nice day, Susan

    • There is a William Melanson somewhere in Minnesota in 1940, 1930 and 1920.
      IT could be him, but I am not certain.
      If William left his family, he did not brag about it.

      • My father’s father, Clarence Smith, left my grandmother when she got pregnant with my dad – 1914 – wonder if he went to Canada to avoid WWI…

      • Almost impossible to know until the 1921 Canadian Census will be available to us sometimes during 2013.

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