One Arm

Ron’s maternal grandmother had only one arm.

That’s what Ron remembers of his grandmother.

A one-arm grandmother.

He wants to know what happened to Freda Melanson.

Ron had a few hypotheses and I had to look deeper into those. Could have Freda lost her arm in the 1917 Mont Blanc explosion in Halifax Harbour? One clue is that Gladys, Freda’s sister, was married there in Halifax 1924.

Gladys Melanson, born around 1908 according to the 1911 Canadian census, married Henry H. Gray.

Here’s a look at the 1911 Canadian census.

1911 Clara DoucetClara works in a cotton mill in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She lives at 7 Argyle Street.

Nice place to live overlooking the Bay of Maine.

7 Argyle Yarmouth, Nova ScotiaBut where is her husband William H Melanson in 1911?

Clara Doucet Melanson is not a widow… the census says M

Did William leave her with the kids?

Where could William be?

Did the death of little Ella Madeleine on September 19, 1910 affect him that much?

So many questions!