Dead Leaves on the Ground?

This image is the header on my blog Our Ancestors.

dead leaves on the ground

Dead leaves on the ground…

That’s the one I thought was most fitting to put as a header.

I would be the man walking along your family trees since September 2009. Along my way I picked up dead leaves and I found some of your ancestors.

This is what is happening right now with Alexander Bennett who is perhaps a very distant cousin of mine.

His mother’s name would be Sauvé. The only clue I have is this information found on Family Search.


The name SOV does not appear anywhere on the death certificate.

Alexander Bennett death certificate 10 October 1908Where does that SOV name come from? I will never know. But does it really matter?

Writing about Alexander Bennett on this blog led me to a descendant of this man and his wife.

2-6bThe story about this picture is very very long and is found on my other blog Nos ancêtres.

This man is the ancestor of someone who thought she had found the right ancestor. She was wrong, but she was close enough.

Jean-Baptiste Benoit seen on the picture is the son of François Benoit dit Laguerre and Marie-Amable Poulin. François Benoit dit Laguerre was a widower. He first married Catherine Dagenais who died in 1803.

He remarried in 1804 and fathered more children.

One of his sons whose name was also François married Marie-Amable’s sister in 1809. To make matters more difficult Marie-Amable used the given name Angélique later on in her life.

To make matters even worst François Benoit dit Laguerre also went by the name François Menuet dit Laguerre. I never could understand why he said that to the priest when he got married and when he had two of his children baptized.

Sometimes looking for dead leaves is not as simple as some people might think.

So with all this research for someone’s ancestor who deserted the Union Army in 1863, I have found someone who now knows which leaf on the ground is which.