Fill Bare Trees With Family History

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Harthouse on Main

We Fill Bare Trees With Our Family History

I like the image suggested by this photo

for the presence of “family trees” in our lives.

We hope to people a forest, one name at a time, one tree at a time,

and sometimes the long looks backward seem like a trek through

cold and snow until we find someone and can place

them in the foliage of our memories.  James Hart


This post may not be of vital interest to readers who find this blog

through WordPress or other searches, but I am providing it here

for family members who may be recommended to it, and because

it will eventually be useful to track information about family

members that I will write about in the future, once I have determined 

a form or style to preserve information found in family history documents.

My sons have been urging me for some time to write our family’s

history into…

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