A Truce in My Civil War Story

Someone needs help with some of her ancestors.

She sent me this message.

Hi Pierre,
I have attached two pictures.  One is my 2nd great-grand uncle, James Edward Newcity (brother to my 2nd great grandfather).

James Edward Newcity

The other is an unknown named girl.


Notice the darkness of the skin around the eyes and dark eyes as this trait has been passed down through the family.   I have one uncle and two aunts that have this same feature.

Now that brings me to the picture of the girl taken in Bristol, New Hampshire.  I found this cabinet card on ebay but without a name.  I have been watching this picture on Ebay since September and it just kept haunting me, so I finally decided to buy it.   It is uncanny how much she favors one of my aunts, the same dark circles, dark eyes and even the similar nose.  Several relatives from Vermont went to New Hampshire, Connecticut and Mass.

Here are just few possible family names she might belong to.

James Newcity had two daughters:
Flora who married Judson M. Buskey
Elida who married Edward Augustus Ryals

James’ sister Adelia Newcity married Antwine (Rousseau) Brooks and Charles Brooks. The last record I have for Adelia and Charles is in New Hampshire and she had three daughters.

Eunice M.  married John T Cairns and Oscar E Clements
Ophelia May married Hibbard Ernest Hiscoe (daughter Ida Florence married Henry J Lupien)
Ida Pearl married Ernest Robinson Cowley

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,


If those names ring a bell or if those two pictures are familiar, write me a comment, and I will get in touch.

Edward Newcity and mystery woman

As a footnote to this, someone in that family died in Gettysburg. If you want to know more, click here.

3 thoughts on “A Truce in My Civil War Story

  1. Hi For some reason I have seen these picture from somewhere before. But cannot remember where. I have checked through all by family tree stuff and cannot find it there. But I will keep on looking. Cause this is going to bug until I find out where I have seen them before.

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