Chocolates and Genealogy

More tomorrow on Alexander Bennett because today is Valentine’s Day.


This is last year’s post on Valentine’s Day.

What’s the connection between chocolate and genealogy?

It’s like something you miss a lot like your lost ancestors. 


Even more when you just have names to go around. This is why old pictures are so important.

Genealogy without pictures is like an empty box of chocolates.

With pictures it’s not the same anymore.

With names it’s pure delight.

All the people here are unknown to Melissa who sent them last year. She nevertheless took the time to scan and she sent them so I could post them here.

I know one day we will start finding who these people are like this couple and the same woman in the other picture. You know how patient I can be don’t you…

Meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day.

By the way there is no connection between this and Teresa’s ancestors.