More Than Just a Picture

Closing chapter

This picture was sent in 2011 by Dennis Lagasse IV. From then on it got a life of its own.

picture from Dennis 1.1

It was sent along with this one which gave me a good look at my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II around 1895.

picture from Dennis 2

And this one… where his son Dennis Lagasse III, the father of Bertha Lagasse, is seen with four of Bertha’s brothers: Napoleon Levi, Harvey (the little boy with my great-grandfather), Victor Philippe and Harry. The man in front has yet to be identified.

picture from Dennis 4.2

More pictures followed later. A hundred or so.

This one was kind of a Rosetta stone as Bertha Lagasse was on it with her 10 siblings.

picture from Dennis 1.1

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This next picture was sent by Robin in 2011. She is related to us by her husband who is related to the Combe family. I believe Bertha Lagasse is on it. Her brother Napoleon Levi and her sister Ida are also on it. It’s either Bertha or Gertrude.


I could be wrong about Bertha being on it, but I don’t think so.

identification picture from Dennis 1.1

There are two women I am not sure of on this picture. Bertha and Gertrude on the second row on the right, Gertrude was born around 1898 and Bertha 1900 according to Teresa. The other two women on the left are Ida and Edna. I know who are the men and the children in front.

I know a lot about this family because so many people shared a lot. I know Edna’s two sons died in WWII. Edna was a Gold Star Mother.

Someone once sent me this obituary of Dennis Lagasse II back in 2010. Dennis II was my granduncle, my grandfather’s brother.

Dennis III died in 1922. The floodgates opened wide with all the information found on the obituary.


A lot of names were on it. Bertha Austin’s name was on it as well as all of Dennis Lagasse II’s children.

This is what started me looking for Bertha back in 2011. She was just a name in my family tree, Mrs. Bertha Austin.

When I start looking, I just can’t stop and I never know where it will lead me.

Honest to God…

This is one of the most precious picture Teresa has of her great-great-grandmother Mrs. Bertha Austin…

Bertha is holding Teresa’s son.

Five generations!


Next time, a whole new chapter opens in the lives of Teresa’s ancestors.