Guess Who?

Genealogy can be a very serious pastime.

I know I will find out someday who’s who on this picture sent last year by Dennis Lagasse IV.

Dennis Lagasse wedding pictureThis could be Bertha Lagasse’s wedding picture, but I could be wrong.


Who's Who

What are the clues?

Clue number 1

Bertha’s grandfather Dennis Lagasse II is there. He is a widower. His wife Henriette Alexandre died in 1907 and Dennis has been living since 1910 with his daughter Malvina Dubé née Lagasse who was the widow of Joseph Dubé. So it would make sense that Malvina Lagasse be on this picture next to him.

Who's Who Dennis Lagasse II

Clue number 2

Bertha’s father Dennis Lagasse III is there as well as Bertha’s mother Amanda Ménard. This picture has to have been taken before Dennis died in April 1922.

Who's Who Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard

Clue number 3

The picture probably was taken in late fall by the look of the foliage and the leaves on the ground.

Clue number 4

Bertha Lagasse married William E Austin on November 21, 1921 in Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut. It must have been a warm November day in 1921…

Clue number 5

Ida Lagasse, Bertha’s sister, is on the picture with a child holding her skirt. Ida had married Hector Lamothe in 1919 as we see on this photo.


Their first child was Jeannette Lamothe was born around 1920. Gertrude Lagasse, Ida’s and Bertha’s sister,  married Francis Speilman in 1917 so this can’t be Gertrude’s wedding here.

Dennis Lagasse wedding picture Ida Lagasse

Clue number 6

Bertha’s two brothers are there:  Napoleon Levi is in front with a young woman holding a bouquet of flowers. We don’t know who she is.

Who's Who Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Marie-Louise Dubé

Harry Lagasse, or is it Victor Philip, hard to see clearly, is also there.

Who's Who Victor Lagasse


Clue number 7

People on the left are probably Dubés since Napoleon and Eugene were close to the Lagasses. Napoléon Dubé and Eugène Dubé were present when Dennis was electrocuted in 1922. I will never know if they are really Dubés since Ray Dubé never wrote back after one e-mail. For now I will assume Eugène Dubé is there with his wife Lillie Lagasse,

They’re Ray’s grandparents! 

Maybe Ray thought I was crazy somehow…

But then maybe I am jumping to conclusions.

Who's Who Lillie and Eugene

But I might be dead wrong about this wedding picture, and this could be the wedding of one of the Dubés. I will never know.

Boy I had wished I had been invited to the wedding…

Clue anyone?


I know someday I will share with you what someone is willing to share unless they feel I am too crazy or passionate a person like one of my famous ancestors.


Jean Nicolet, passionate grandfather of Wisconsin

At least Teresa don’t think I am too passionate about her ancestors.

To be continued…

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