Dennis Lagasse II… A Family Man Take Two

I have posted something similar last year when Dennis Lagasse IV sent me more than 100 family pictures to share with you.

I know I might be hard to follow sometimes, but this is not my fault if my great-great-grandfather  Stanislas Lagacé I, born in 1816, chose to name one of his sons  Stanislas II, born in 1842, my great-grandfather, who, in turn, in 1864, named one of his sons Stanislas III aka Dennis Lagasse III.

picture from Dennis 4.2

Dennis Lagasse III and four of his five sons:
Napoleon Levi, Harvey, Victor Philip, Dennis III, Harry.
The guy in front is still unidentified

Dennis Lagasse III, who wrote also his name Stanislas Lagassey, was Bertha’s father.

cemeteryStanislas Lagasse

All this to say that I believe my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé II aka Dennis Lagasse II was a family man and that he must have loved a lot his grandchildren just like I do.

picture from Dennis 2

Dennis Lagasse II with Harvey and Rose Elmira, children of Dennis III

Stanislas Lagacé II was born on August 9, 1842, in Henryville in the province of Quebec.

Sure I knew back in 2007 that I had a great-grandfather like everybody else, but I knew nothing about him. 

Everything I have found out since about Stanislas Lagacé I, Stanislas Lagacé II and Stanislas Lagacé III is because some people cared and were willing to share what little information they had about Stanislas I, II, and III.

Dennis Lagasse II

I’m a bit confused my great-grandson…

Bear with me please…

My 3rd cousin Sandy had been looking for Stanislas Lagacé II since 1985 when her uncle got her interested in genealogy. She always wondered who was that elusive Dennis Lagasse she had in her notes and who were these people on this picture she once thought throwing it away.

four generations of Lagasse

Dennis II, Dennis III, Harry Lagasse and his son Gerard

Dennis Lagasse was just a name in her database. Then she found me on Ancestry in 2010. Dennis Lagasse, who was his great-great-grandfather’s brother, was not elusive anymore and he quickly became even more famous than Emeril Lagasse…

Well at least on this blog that is…


As easy to follow as my recipes…

Lionel Lagasse who a descendant of Dennis Lagasse III had these three pictures of Dennis Lagasse II (Stanislas Lagacé), my great-grandfather. I recognized him easily. He’s the old man in the white hat and Levi Napoleon, Lionel’s father, is shooting at something with a stick.


On this next picture, Dennis Lagasse II is the old man with the big mustache on the far right in the last row. Dennis III is in front of him. I can’t identify who are the other people.

Sorry about that.

Guess where Dennis II is now…?

A wedding?

To be continued…