A Descendant of Jean Nicolet

This is my great-grandfather Édouard Métayer.

Édouard Métayer


He is the one who was responsible for starting my search for my ancestors back in 2007. He was just a childhood memory. A picture on a chest drawer in my grandparents’ house in Montreal back in the 1950s.

I wanted to know more about this fire captain who died on April 1st, 1928. He was injured responding to a fire alarm. The team of horses were scared by a passing train at a railway crossing and he tried to hold them back injuring himself. 

I have found everything about him since 2007.

Now I just found out he was a descendant of Jean Nicolet and Gisis-Bahmahmaadjimiwin.

arbre Édouard Métayer Jean Nicolet

I know I am not the only one here in Quebec who is a descendant of Jean Nicolet and Gisis-Bahmahmaadjimiwin, but I feel a little proud about it knowing one of my ancestors played a part in Wisconsin history.




This is the picture I am refering to in the comment I made below.


And this is Paul on the left.

1914 enfants métayer

24 thoughts on “A Descendant of Jean Nicolet

  1. I have a lot of pictures of Edouard. I got one when his father came to visit him in 1914. It was Paul’s First Communion and his grandfather Édouard-Elzéar came to Montréal to visit him.
    Paul was around 7 years old. He died in 1928. Four days after his father. Edouard’s father died the same year in June. Three deaths in the same time period.

  2. I found out that I am related to Jean Nicolet. I finally took time to do some checking as the name sounded familiar. I am actually amongst the 13th generation on my maternal grandmothers side of the family. Who would have guessed can be said so many times.
    Will look later to see if I might also be related on my Dad’s side, Noel Lagasse.

  3. Yes I am related on the Lagasse side of the family too but way, way back. My cousin had done the genealogy digging on my Mom’s side of the family. Where we connect with Jean Nicholet is in the Pichet family tree. There is apparently another brother to Louis, his name is Michel Pichet and he married Marie Therese Valliere. I have more info if interested. Thanks for always adding to my family history.

  4. Yes I just recently found out I am a descendant of Jean Nicolet too. My Grandmother was French, My cousin who has been doing the research told me.

  5. Pierre, I am descended from Madeleine Euphrosine Nicolet, daughter of Jean Nicolet, and her second husband, Elie Louis Dussault. Can you tell me where you found the name of Euphrosine’s mother? Rene Jette, Henri Langlois, and PDRH only name her as a Nipissing Indian woman. The marriage acts of Madeleine Euphrosine do not name her mother, probably because her parents were not married in the Church. I was so elated a few years ago when I found I was descended from a well-known explorer and his Indian wife, but I would like to call her something other than “Female Nipissing”. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Linda (Sharon Denton’s cousin)

    • There are some many of Jean Nicolet’s descendants who ignore this.
      I for one found that out through my neverending research.
      By the way are you French-Canadian just looking at your e-mail address?

  6. Hi! I’m relate to Jean Nicolet and Jeanne Gisis-Bahmahmaadjimiwin. I have them through the Nadon line. For those wondering, Jeanne’s parents were Daughter of Brave Nipissing and Indienne Nipissing .

    • Always glad to meet a distant relative. I had done some research on Georges Nadon a Spitfire pilot. Check it out on Google.

  7. I guess we are distant cousins. I am descended from Jean Nicolet and Sauvagesse Nipissing, their daughter Madeleine Nicolet through marriage to Elie Dusceau-LaFleur

  8. I am related to Madeleine Leblanc a daughter she had with her first husband Jean Leblanc.
    We are distant half-relatives.

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