A Descendant of Jean Nicolet

This is my great-grandfather Édouard Métayer.

Édouard Métayer


He is the one who was responsible for starting my search for my ancestors back in 2007. He was just a childhood memory. A picture on a chest drawer in my grandparents’ house in Montreal back in the 1950s.

I wanted to know more about this fire captain who died on April 1st, 1928. He was injured responding to a fire alarm. The team of horses were scared by a passing train at a railway crossing and he tried to hold them back injuring himself. 

I have found everything about him since 2007.

Now I just found out he was a descendant of Jean Nicolet and Gisis-Bahmahmaadjimiwin.

arbre Édouard Métayer Jean Nicolet

I know I am not the only one here in Quebec who is a descendant of Jean Nicolet and Gisis-Bahmahmaadjimiwin, but I feel a little proud about it knowing one of my ancestors played a part in Wisconsin history.




This is the picture I am refering to in the comment I made below.


And this is Paul on the left.

1914 enfants métayer