Geraldine Sorel

Geraldine seems be have been the only child of Ernest Sorel (Sorell) and Amelia Alexandre (Alexander).


I don’t have a picture of Geraldine, but I know there are some out there.

I have found the family in the 1940 U.S. Census now available online. Geraldine is 16.

1940 Ernest Sorel

There is a remote chance I will find some descendants of Amelia and Ernest. On April 3, 1940, Ernest Sorel (Earnest Sorel) was living at 211 Lafayette Street in New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut. He was an assistant foreman in a hardware factory. Ernest was born in Cambridge, Ontario, on August 2, 1891.

I know all about Ernest Sorel’s ancestors.

This information is now laying dormant…

One day it will blossom and make someone really happy.

7 thoughts on “Geraldine Sorel

  1. Some family member told me that Aunt Amelia and Uncle Ernest’s daughter, Geraldine Sorel married Clarence Sorenson. I had no further information; however, after reading this post I checked to see what else I had for her. Zilch! Back in 2002 I had done extensive research of Vital Records at New Britain Town Hall and found nothing. I remember being told as a child that Geraldine had been adopted and have no idea if that is true. I spent some time last night trying to find additional info on Geraldine and Clarence, who is Clarence B. Anderson born 6 JUL 1915 and died 4 FEB 1984 in New Britain. Find a Grave website has a photo of his head stone with Geraldine’s name and she was still living at that time.

    • Having only one child in this family probably means Amelia could not have children of her own. Your adoption hypothesis seems valid.

    • I am the one who writes Our Ancestors. Do you want me to contact you personally?
      My research is always freely shared with all descendants who are interested.

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