Who Wrote the Captions?

When you have captions with photographs, you must never jump to conclusions…

Look at this beautiful picture taken in 1919. It’s part of the 100 or so pictures Robin had scanned in 2011. Agnes Alexandre is with her granddaughter Sylvia Marie Combe.

June 31st 1919!

It says 1914 on the second caption…

I will explain later.

What is so wonderful about this picture is that we have reunited people with Agnes Alexandre who was only a small picture in a photo montage of Philomène Lagacé and her daughters that Joe had in his collection.

If I recall correctly Joe had no idea who those people were…

The woman in the middle is Philomène Lagasse, my great-grandaunt. She is the sister of this man Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse. He is the brother of Pierre Lagasse who is Sandy’s great-great-grandfather.

Sandy had one of my great-grandfather’s pictures all along, but she did not know who he was until she contacted me in 2010.


Then those floodgates opened wide…

In Robin’s picture, we see grandma Agnes (Alexandre) Bleau with her granddaughter Sylvia M Combe.

But someone added a note…


Agnes Bleau + daughter

When we look closer we see that the date on the picture is 1919. Louis Joseph Combe married Sylvia Bleau in 1917 so we can’t be in 1914. Furthermore June does not have 31 days. I wonder who wrote the second caption.

In genealogy you always have to check the clues just to be sure.

As a matter of fact, we are never 100% sure.

- You know Stanislas, this descendant of yours makes a lot of sense…

- Can’t argue with that Pierre…

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6 thoughts on “Who Wrote the Captions?

    • Exactly. So many misleading clues.
      But in this case I knew who was Agnes Alexandre. So it was easy.
      I have so many pictures with unidentified people, but I am very very patient.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.


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