My Brother Harry

Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau was the one who wrote the caption on this picture.

She only had one brother.


Like I said yesterday I did not pay to much attention to this picture. There were so many pictures that Robin had scanned to look at.

There is one I had could hardly look at when I first saw it.

This baby…


There was no caption so I did not make the connection at first.

Now I have.

Fredrica Bleau 1918-1919

Fredrica Beau is one of so many infants who died at a very young age leaving no one to remember them.

Frederica Bleau

Her ancestors were from French-Canada and Germany.

Fredrica Bleau family tree

Her grandfather Frank Kamenski was a barber of German descent. Her grandmother Anna Freidel also.

Anna Friedel

My Brother Harry & Freida Bleau First Baby

I did not pay much attention to this picture scanned by Robin last year.


It’s a good thing Peter Kaminski wrote this comment yesterday.

Fredrica was my great aunt. As my cousins Linda & Liz mentioned, we all called her Nana. You also had photos of my grandfather Peter Sr, my grandma Isabel, Aunt Pat and my father Peter Jr.

Thank you so much for publishing these photos that we thought were lost forever!

Would it be possible to get electronic copies of these photos? I would like to blow them up and frame them for my father.

I was looking at all the pictures Robin scanned. Some of them belonged to Terri who sent them to Robin on the West Coast so she could scan them.

The baby picture was in the lot…

scan0041_Fredrica Bleau 1918

She is little Fredrica Bleau born in 1918.

Frederica Bleau

This picture of Aunt Nana is now much more revealing…