Hi Robin…

I don’t know if Robin on the West Coast is still reading my blog. If she is, she must be feeling pretty good right now.

All the effort she put in scanning all those pictures last year.

I know this is not Thanksgiving but it really feels like it.


Linda Marie and Elisabeth can now share all we have found about their ancestors. Their grandfather Peter Kaminski is on that picture  with his wife Isabel Chagnon and their little daughter Pauline.

Pauline on the left with the big smile is Linda Marie’s and Elisabeth’s mother. 


Linda Marie and Elisabeth have fond memories of their aunt Nana. She made the most delicious apple pie in the world and she had a siamese cat called Sen Sen.

Aunt Nana is Frederica Martha Kaminski.


We know a lot about her and we are bringing her back to life. This is what this blog is all about. Bringing back ordinary people who are so extraordinary. No celebrities here.

This is Frederica once more with my 2nd cousin Harry Bleau.


I wonder who are the two other people, the bridesmaid and the best man. We know we will find out one day. So what about Frederica Kaminski not being a celebrity…

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