Deep in the Heart of Texas…

Sometimes comments are much more interesting than what I write.

This is a beautiful and touching comment from Susan… Deep from someone’s  heart in Texas…

Hi Pierre,
You are right, I am in Texas.
Yesterday, I stopped at an estate sale and they had a box of old family pictures for sale. Some in frames and some without. I just wanted to cry that all those precious pictures and no family member was interested in them enough to try and find out who they were and their connections to past relatives.

I only wish I had a box of old pictures!

Have a nice day,


The A-Team revisited

The A-Team has a lot of members.

The A-Team

Ed is from the South.

Susan is from Texas if I remember correctly.

Joe, Dennis and Judy from Connecticut,

Marianne and Fran somewhere in the U.S.

Sandy in New England,

Robin on the West Coast…

Robin is the one who scanned the pictures of Nana with her nieces Pauline and Joannie, and her nephew Peter Junior.


She did not have to scan more than 100 pictures and then share everything with a complete stranger.

But she did. And she is not even related to me. Her husband is through the Combe family.

Just a little part of the story is here to read or you can search for Combe on the Search function on this blog.

Now it’s Linda Marie’s and her sister Elizabeth’s  turn to enjoy seeing loved ones and go back memory lane with the invitation I sent to them to be members of my Ancestry family tree.

I just like to link people with their past and I ask I nothing in return even though I have had so much joy doing all this and a winter coat… (pun intended for Joet)

As a footnote…

This is something my 3rd cousin Joe T. sent me on Wednesday.

Joe likes to send me jokes sometimes.

WhalesNow you know how serious amateur genealogists can be from time to time… and how much you would have missed if you had not clicked on my hyperlinks on this post.