How to Read This Blog?

I have posted more than 400 articles on this blog since 2009.

For one reason only. You will find out why at the end.

This idea of a blog about genealogy just started with the story of someone I met through my other blog about genealogy. Her name was Doris. 

Since that story was written in French, someone related to her down in Prairie Soileau, Louisiana, could not read it although Seeburn had French-Canadian roots. So I translated this post for him and put it on a new blog… this one.

Just for fun.

Then my blog got a life of its own with Our Ancestors. I got to know about Prairie Soileau and Amédée Ardouin.

One thing led to another. First finding Alyce a distant cousinthen Joet

The more I found, the more I was finding people related to me or who were related to people related to me like Robin living on the West Coast.

It was endless, and it still is after more 400 posts. I wanted to stop writing last week, but then Susan told me she liked what I wrote.


This latest story is about Nana Freida and her little niece Joanie. She was the little girl without a name on this picture. She is on the right.

Priceless! Priceless also for Linda Marie and Elisabeth.


Just like Myra Alexandre Archambeault on this picture with her sister Phoebe Alexandre Lestage was to Carl.


We did not know who these sisters were back in 2009 when Sandy found me on Ancestry. So you see, you don’t have to read all that I have written on this blog.

Just Google in a name and try your luck like Linda Marie did.

Hello cousin Pierre,
So happy to meet you! 
First of all, I do not know the Ancestry website and would love to be a part of it.
I stumbled across Uncle Harry’s and Aunt Freida (we called her Nana), by accident. I was searching for my cousin on Facebook and was taken to the Ancestry site. I began reading my Uncle Bill’s obituary, and the rest, they say is History. Wow, all the family photos!!  I have only seen a few from my side of the family.
I called my Uncle to tell him about the site.
I would like to stay in touch with you and perhaps one day we will meet.
My grandfather was Peter Kaminski, married to Isabel Chagnon. Freida was his sister, who married Harry. Peter had a brother, John, married to Bonnie, and Joanie is the little girl in the photo with Freida, my mother and my Uncle Peter.
Thank you so much for writing back to me.
Linda Marie

Now you know how to read my blog…

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