The Levasseurs revisited

There is no picture of the wedding of Sylvain Levasseur and Aglaé Béland. Everything surronding this wedding is shrouded in mystery.

Aglaé Béland married Sylvain Levasseur around 1890 in Ste-Cécile-du-Bic. Denise worked very hard to find everything about that marriage and why Aglaé left St-Cuthbert for Ste-Cécile-du-Bic.

We will never know.

aglae-1 mod2

I know…

She was around 19 when she married and her first child was born late 1889. Seven children followed, then she became a widow on December 7, 1904, a day that will live forever in her heart.

Aglaé was lucky and she remarried Norbert Vandal in 1908. We know the precise date. It was added in her baptisimal certificate.

1871 Aglaé Béland baptême zoom

27 October 1908 a épousé Napolé Vandal, St-Louis-de-Gonsague, Woon.

We know “Woon” is Woonsocket in Rhode Island. “Napolé” is Norbert.

Louis-Albert Napoléon Vandal, to be more precise, married Aglaé Béland. He was a 43 years-old bachelor and she was a 37 years-old widow with 7 children to feed.

Here comes the bride…

Norbert et Aglaé à Woonsocket, RI

All that family moved back to Québec in 1909.

This information is taken from the 1911 Canadian Census.

1911 Norbert Vandal

Many French-Canadians emigrated to the U.S. and then came back later to Canada. So in a sense this a typical French-Canadian family around 1900-1910.

French-Canadians went to work in the U.S. just like Mexicans did and still do today. I wonder what reception the French-Canadians got when they emigrated down South. At least the weather was nicer.


This story has only one purpose. To link someone whose name is Levasseur or Vasser or Vassier or Le Vasser or whatever, and could be related to either George or Roland Levasseur.

This is what I promised Denise I would try to do.

See you next time. I have something to show you once more. It’s about the Kaminskis!

marriage Frank Kaminski

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