The Levasseurs

Robin and Susan will like this comment I got yesterday…

Wow! These photos are my family! My mother, Pauline Kaminski and her brother, Peter are with my Nana (Freida Kaminski Bleau) and their cousin, Joanie. I would like to know more about your search and our connection.

It’s about this post. 

One more reason to continue on with this blog about Our Ancestors.

Now getting back to our new celebrity…

Aglaé Béland married Sylvain Levasseur around 1890 in Ste-Cécile-du-Bic. We don’t have a wedding picture to show you not even a marriage certificate. Denise worked very hard to find it.

Aglaé was probably more beautiful then than on this picture taken around 1904. We will never know for sure.

aglae-1 mod2

She was around 19 when she married. Why she left St-Cuthbert for Ste-Cécile-du-Bic will probably remain a mystery for ever.

Ste-Cécile-du-Bic is not just around the corner from St-Cuthbert. About 300 miles.

St-Cuthbert au Bic

 Aglaé was born in St-Cuthbert on August 27, 1871.

1871 Aglaé Béland baptême zoom


Hormidas was her first child. He was born probably on October 20, 1889. That’s what we have in the 1911 Canadian Census. It’s just a clue since this kind of information is sometimes not reliable.

Aglaé’s husband, Sylvain Levasseur, died on December 7, 1904. That I am sure of. I found that information on Family Search while looking for clues to help Denise with her search for Levasseur relatives down South. 

According to Denise, from what people told her, this picture was taken around 1904.

aglae-1 mod1

She thinks she was a widow then. If it is then it was taken after December 1904.

I have been able to find Sylvain Levasseur’s lineage up to Noël Levasseur dit Lavigne.

Sylvain’s father was Jacques Levasseur and his mother was Florentine Parent. He was born around 1868 in Ste-Cécile-du-Bic. When Florentine died, Jacques Levasseur married Julie Gagné. That is not important information unless you are related to some Levasseurs and you are wondering if you are related to this branch of Levasseurs.

I know someone who wrote me once and who is related though.

Remember this wedding picture.

section photo de 1909

Well I won’t go into this for now or maybe never. Maybe Tonia will be interested.


Sylvain Levasseur and Aglaé moved to the U.S. in 1893 to work in the textile mills. He fathered 8 children from 1890 to 1904. In 1905, seven were still living  in Woonsocket, Rhode Island with Aglaé who was now a widow. Their last child Janet would died on July 26, 1905. We can easily imagine Aglaé’s distress in 1905 as well as her children’s.

Hormidas Levasseur, 14 

1905 Hormidas Levasseur

Hormidas died in Montreal in 1933.

Napoléon Levasseur, 13 

1905 Napoleon Levasseur

We don’t know Napoleon Levasseur’s whereabouts after 1911.

Aurore Levasseur, 11 

1905 Ora Levasseur

Emilie Blais, Aglaé, Aurore et son garçon 4 générations

Aurore Levasseur 1893 – 1955

She came back to Canada with her parents in 1909. She married Napoléon Monette in 1913.

George Levasseur, 9 

1905 George Levasseur

We don’t know his whereabouts after 1911.

Roland Levasseur, 7 

1905 Roland Levasseur

Roland enlisted in the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on April 1st 1916.

Roland Levasseur enlistment

Roland died in 1973 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York. We don’t know if he got married and fathered any children. 


Lorenzo Levasseur, 4

1905 Lorenzo Levasseur

Lorenzo married Alma Ouellette in 1926 in Montreal.

Janet Levasseur, 1 

1905 Janet Levasseur

She died in 1905.

We can easily imagine all of Aglaé’s distress…

So that’s all folks… well there is more later.

Norbert et Aglaé à Woonsocket, RI

Until then… 

If you are related to one of these people and you would like want to share pictures or information with Denise, just do what Linda Marie did and write something like this…

Wow! These photos are my family! My grandfather was Aglaé’s son Rollin Levasseur. He was a soldier in the First World War. I would like to know more about your search and our connection.

6 thoughts on “The Levasseurs

    • Ron, we don’t have that wedding picture. I am dead sure.
      Of course we have the picture of the second wedding with Norbert Vandal.

  1. Are these people related to my family Pierre ? I know my uncle Rolland Levasseur married an American girl and I also remembered seeing his kids at my grandmother’s place in St-Felix-de-Valois, they were jumping up and down on the beds.
    And then in early 1970 his son came with his aunts from Montreal. He then asked me if his name in French meant : LIFT YOUR SISTER. I told him : of course not !!

    • Not related at all. Just someone who found her family thanks to something I wrote.
      Sometimes you never know when something will happen.
      Now I know Rolland got married and had children.
      This is great. Would you remember more from these kids? A name, anything to go on.

      • Once I had a picture of his daughter, she was beautiful but I just don’t know what happened to this picture. And then I met her brother, but it was in early 70s so long ago I can’t remember his name either.

        (excuse my English, been so long)

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