Just Kidding

I was just kidding yesterday about this being my last story on this blog.

Here is Aglaé Béland once again.

aglae-1 mod2


This was taken around 1904 according to her grandchild who sent it.

This is also her.


It’s a close-up of this picture.

Emilie Blais, Aglaé, Aurore et son garçon 4 générations

Four generations!

Now I think I have got your attention right.

Finding your ancestors is more fun when you have pictures and when you want to share them… even with complete strangers. This is what Denise did when she asked for my help in finding descendants of Aglaé Béland.

On the above picture Émilie Blais, Aglaé Béland’s mother is on the left. Aglaé’s daughter  Aurore is in the middle. The little boy is Aurore Levasseur’s son. I don’t have his given name yet, but don’t worry I will find it.

Aurore was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but came back to Canada in 1909 with Aglaé and her stepfather Norbert Vandal.

Norbert et Aglaé à Woonsocket, RI

Before Denise sent me more pictures, this is the only information I had before on Aurore or Ora Levasseur.

1905 Ora Levasseur

The 1905 Rhode Island Census.

I was lucky to find it on Family Search with a wealth of information. 

I think I have just got your attention once again.

Next time, the Levasseur family.

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