Amazing Alyce

This post was written back on May 24, 2010. I never got around to post it.

I am posting it because Stephen Dawson, a 4th cousin, wrote a comment yesterday on my blog. I have never him, but Stephen is the reason why I write this blog just like Alyce LaGasse was the reason back in 2010.

In my book she is as famous as Emeril Lagasse…


She said once I was amazing with all my research about her roots.

I told her she was amazing also.

Alyce is the one who found some of Samuel LaGasse’s descendants. Samuel was her father’s brother.

She went on the Internet and she found a clue, then she acted on it.

With that information I could identify the people on this picture…

Back in 2010, I contacted the son of the little girl on the left, and he sent this on his Facebook to give his mother…

Claudette is the little girl on the left on this picture.

Dorothy, Stephen’s mother, is on the right.

 Stephen is the reason why I will keep on writing this blog and keep sharing.