Happy New Year Dear Descendants…

Back in  2010, Joe was only a virtual relative of mine.

He sent me this picture via e-mail he had of Marguerite Alexandre. She was Henriette Alexandre’s sister.

Marguerite Alexandre 1836-1897

Marguerite Alexandre is part of Joe’s very long list of ancestors.

That picture is as close as I can get to have a picture of Henriette Alexandre who is my great-grandmother married to Dennis Lagasse II, our superstar ancestor on this blog.

Dennis Lagasse II

Stanislas Lagacé 1842-1927

This is Henriette’s file on my Ancestry family tree.

I am very lucky photo wise because I have pictures of all my 8 great-grandparents. All except Henriette’s photograph.

Pierre Lagacé tree

I am still waiting…, but I am very patient. We have to be when we look for our ancestors.

I know all about Henriette Alexandre: she had 13 children.

Six were still living in 1900. That’s what the 1900 U.S. census said.

famille Lagacé 1900

Thank God for Censuses.

I knew when she was born thanks to the image of her baptisimal act found on Family Search.

6 April 1845 Henriette Alexandre

Thank God for Family Search.

I did not know when she died until I found out Joe had found out a way back then and thought I knew.

I didn’t…

Click here.

Henriette’s sister, Marguerite Alexandre, is Joe’s great-great-grandmother which makes us bonafide third cousins.

Joe told me back in 2010 he could use all the living cousins he could get.

I think I could also…

I have visited Joe twice since 2010.

Together we visited cemeteries to find the resting place of Dennis and Henriette. First in September 2011. I wrote about these little outings here and here.

In 2011, we visited again the same cemeteries bringing another cousin of ours who was also looking for his ancestors’ graves. We had our share of senior moments.

Just couldn’t find the headstones…

Last Sunday, while visiting Joe’s family tree on Ancestry, I found out he had put these images he had found on the Internet.

Emmanuel Therien, Joe’s great-great-great-grandfather…


Emmanuel Therien 1800-1886

Gilbert Therien, Joe’s great-great-grandfather… 

headstone Gilbert Therien

And Marguerite Alexandre Therien, Joe’s great-great-grandmother…

headstone Marguerite Alexandre

Thank God for finding our ancestors’ headstones even though sometimes the inscriptions are a bit off. Marguerite was born on August 11, 1836 and Gilbert was born on May 7, 1837.

May they rest in peace from now on. I know they will always be with us as long as we live.

Happy New Year Dear Descendants…