I know I told Koji I was going to post this only on December 31st, but then I remembered what my good friend Paul once told me …

Life is too short, start with the dessert.

Well Koji, here is what I was supposed to post on New Year’s Eve.

Life is too short, start with the dessert.

To my readers:

You don’t have to click on every hyperlink on this post if you don’t want to.

Of course you will miss a lot especially if last time you did not click on every name on that post. 

But that’s okay if you don’t click on every hyperlink on this one also.

Who is Koji?

He is someone whose karma clicked on the “I Like Button” on this blog or was it on one of my nine other blogs?

Koji used to call me Sir, but I didn’t mind that. Now we are on a first name basis…

You see Koji and I have a lot in common although not everything.

I really like Koji’s sense of humor. I am older by a few years, and my father never served in the military unless you consider being a fireman as a kind of soldier who fights fire.

Léo Lagacé


Koji owns a Mustang…

Nice car…

I drive a 2012 Camry Hybrid.

Nice Japanese car…

Koji likes warplanes especially the P-47.

Big powerful plane.

I don’t have any preference, but let’s say I have a little keen interest in De Havilland Mosquito Night Intruder flown by RAF 23 Squadron in WWII.

Koji has a blog…

Well, I have 10 up to now!

Koji says that he is not a writer. I am not a professional writer either…

Koji is interested in his ancestors…, but then he’s of Japanese descent.

I am a French Canadian that has been interested in everybody’s ancestors since 2008, but I then would not mind being Japanese.

Koji met WWII veterans and he befriended some, and he wrote about them in a way you can’t start to imagine. 

So did I, in my own way, first in French, my mother tongue, then in English.

Click here.

Koji loves to look at old pictures and then he loves retouching them…

I will pass in this one (pun intended).

Koji tries to find the whos and the whys of some pictures in his grandmother’s album.

Some people reading  his blog would call him crazy to write the way he does. I like to call myself crazy sometimes.

I would call Koji just a tad curious.

Click here first and then here to fully understand how the human brain functions.

I could go on and on… with what Koji Kanemoto and Pierre Lagacé have in common, but then you would not find the time to devour his blog like I did last week, reading all his posts in just one day, and discovering his great sense of humor. Some people would call me crazy.

I would call mysekf just a tad curious.

Gyoza Anyone?

Click here. 

It’s my 64th birthday today (remember you were supposed to read this on December 31st).

Click here.

Tomorrow is a brand new year. It’s a good  start to renew all over again on those forgotten resolutions like clicking on all my hyperlinks on this blog.

It’s never too late.

As a footnote to all this, Koji Kanemoto lives in Hawaii.

I don’t!


Tomorrow we are expecting another big snowstorm here in Quebec.

Boy I sure wish I had Koji’s sense of humor and live somewhere else.

5 thoughts on “Koji

    • Hawaii… California… Same sunny weather. Wish you were here.

      I am glad you enjoyed the post.

      More to come, but they will be on the serious side.
      I just loved those old pictures.
      I want to share your wisdom with my readers.
      I will reblog some of your posts.

      You’re a great guy.


      P.S. I will have to try your recipes. I make bread you know. My great-grandfather was a baker before he became a fireman.
      My father followed on his footsteps sort of.

      • Another thing we have in common…! Un autre chose que nous avons en commun…!

        We have a big snowstorm here. Nous avons une grosse tempête de neige ici.

        Lot of wind! Beaucoup de vent!

        BTW… I love your ancestors’ pictures. I must have Japanese genes somewhere. 😉

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