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A Mental Family Tree
A Mental Family Tree

The following is an interesting snippet found while looking for information about someone in a newspaper. An image of the piece follows.

A Mental Family Tree

We were talking in the schoolyard about our family trees,
And Gertrude said hers could be traced to Sir Horatio Freeze;
And Rufe said he’d descended from the governor of a state;
And Louie mentioned ancestors of hers about as great.
While Reggie said his lineage embraced a lord, he knew;
And Nell from her great-great-grandsire obtained her blood so blue;
But neither of the little Smiths could say a single word;
For them to boast their ancient name of course would be absurd.
Then teacher smiling slightly said that she was much inclined
To think that there was such a thing as blue blood of the mind.
That those who studied hard (and here she beamed on Tommy…

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  1. I have one for you to research when you have a moment Pierre, William Melancon & Claire Doucet, married at Montreal St Enfant-Jesus, Quebec, some time around 1850 give or take 10 years either way. I know nothing about these people other then they are my great-grandparents on my mother’s side


  2. Merry Christmas from a non-French speaking French Canadian. My Dad (Noel Lagasse) was born on Christmas Day so it has always been an extra special day to me.
    Joyous Noel to all….from Marilyn

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