Catherine de Baillon

It’s a well-known fact that Dennis Lagasse IV is very proud of his ancestor André Mignier since 2011 when we connected for the first time in October 2011.

Dennis being very proud of his ancestor is a well-known fact if he is your friend on Facebook of course…

Dennis posted this on a forum in February 2004.

I’m the son of Lionel Lagasse and the grandson of Levi N. Lagasse and Marie Louise (Dube) Lagasse. Levi was one of twelve children born to my great-grandfather Dennis, and the Lagasse name was spelled with a “y” at the end for a time. My great-grandfather Dennis was killed in 1921 in an industrial accident while working in Bristol CT. U.S.A. Are there any others with a great-grandfather Dennis in their family tree?

In 2004 I was not interested a bit about genealogy, but in 2011 when he contacted me after Googling something on Google it opened many doors.


Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back


Going back to Catherine de Baillon, it’s a well-known fact she came from a well-known family. She has no Facebook page though, but she has a lot of descendants.

Most of her descendants don’t know that fact.

What is not well-known, and probably will never be, is why she came to New France in the first place.

I used to be a little sarcastic when I wrote about Emeril, my 8th cousin.


When people know they are linked to the Lagacés or the Lagasses, they get all excited and they want to know if they are related to Emeril.

I am not.

I get excited only when I discover new things about your ancestors whether they are related to Emeril…

EmerilLagasse caricature


Celine Dion…or Brad Pitts.

Brad Pitts!

Brad Pitt

That’s a joke. I know nothing about his roots.

Getting back to Catherine de Baillon, she was une fille du Roi.


That’s how people called unmarried women leaving France to get married in New France. They were not the real daughters of the king.

Here are Catherine de Baillon’s ancestors… She has a few kings as direct ancestors.

Ligne ascendante de Catherine Baillon à Charlemagne

  1. Catherine Baillon & Jacques Miville dit Deschênes, m 12 novembre 1669 Notre-Dame de Québec
  2. Alphonse Baillon, sieur de La Mascotterie, & Louise de Marle, m vers 1630/1640, région de Chevreuse (Yvelines)
  3. Renée Maillard & Adam Baillon, seigneur de Valence, m vers 1580
  4. Miles Maillard, seigneur du Breuil et de La Boissière & Marie Morant, cm 25 juin 1555…
  5. Bénigne Le Bouteillier, dame de La Boissière & Jacques Maillard, seigneur de Champaigne, cm 16 avril 1516 Montivilliers (Seine-Maritime)
  6. Jean Le Bouteillier, seigneur de La Bouteillerie, de Roquemont, de Vaux-sur-Orge et de La Boissière & Marie de Venois, m vers 1480/1490
  7. Guy II Le Bouteillier, seigneur de La Boiuteillerie et de La Roche-Guyon & Isabeau Morhier, m vers 1450
  8. Catherine de Gavre d’Escornaix, dame de Vaux-sur-Orge et de La Boissière & Guy I Le Bouteillier, seigneur de La Bouteillerie et de La Roche-Guyon, m après avril 1419, vers 1425
  9. Isabelle de Ghistelles & Arnould VI de Gavre, baron d’Escornaix, m vers 1380/1390
  10. Roger de Ghistelles, seigneur de Dudzeele et de Straten & Marguerite, dame de Dudzeele, m en ou peu avant 1357
  11. Jean IV, seigneur de Ghistelles & Marie de Haverskerke, dame de Straten, m peu après juin 1337
  12. Marguerite de Luxembourg & Jean III, seigneur de Ghistelles, m 1284 avant juin 1289
  13. Mathilde de Clèves & Gérard de Luxembourg, seigneur de Durbury, m 1253
  14. Élisabeth de Brabant & Thierry de Clèves, seigneur de Dinslaken, m 19 mars 1233 Louvain
  15. Maire de France & Henri I, duc de Brabant, m 8/22 avril 1213 Soissons
  16. Philippe II Auguste, roi de France & Agnès d ‘Andechs de Méranie, m juin 1196
  17. Louis VII, roi de France & Adèle de Blois de Champagne, m 18 octobre 1160
  18. Louis VI, roi de France & Adélaïde de Savoie, m 1115
  19. Philippe I, roi de France & Berthe de Hollande, m 1071/1073
  20. Henri I, roi de France & Anne de Russie, m 19 mai 1051 Reims
  21. Robert II, roi de France & Constance de Provence, m 1003/1005
  22. Hugues Capet, roi de France & Adélaïde N…, m été 968
  23. Hugues le Grand, duc de France & Hedwige de Saxe, m 9 mai/14 septembre 938 Mayence ou Ingelheim
  24. Béatrice de Vermandois & Robert I, roi de France, m vers 895
  25. Héribert I, comte de Vermandois & N…
  26. Pépin, comte dans la région de Paris & N…
  27. Bernard, roi d’Italie & Cunégonde N…, m vers 815
  28. Pépin I, roi d’Italie & N…, m vers 795
  29. Charles Ier dit Charlemagne, roi des Francs et empereur d’Occident & Hildegard N…, m 771
Sources: René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, et Gail F. Moreau.   1997.  “De Catherine Baillon à Charlemagne.” Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 48 (Automne): 190-216.  Figure 2, pp. 195-196.

Catherine married Jacques Miville dit Deschênes on November 12, 1669. They had these children:

I MIVILLE Marie-Catherine (1670-1715)

II MIVILLE dit Deschesnes Charles (1671-1743)

III MIVILLE dit Deschênes Jean (1672-1711)

IV MIVILLE dit Deschênes Marie (1675-1677)

V MIVILLE dit Deschênes Charles (1677-1758)

VI MIVILLE dit Deschênes Marie-Claude (1681-…)

Charles Miville dit Deschênes dit le jeune, born in 1677,  is Dennis Lagasse IV’s ancestor on the Dubé side thanks to his grandmother Marie-Louise.

Daily and Dubé family

That’s not a joke Dennis…
Charlemagne is your direct ancestor.

Dennis IV lineage

Now, are you related somewhat to Dennis Lagasse IV?

If you are, then Merry Christmas, and may God bless all your descendants.

See you in 2013.

36 thoughts on “Catherine de Baillon

  1. For those who may not know and descend from Abraham Martin from the Plains of Abrahan Quebec city, say Hi to your cousin Madona.
    She also traces her roots back to Abraham.

    • Abraham Martin ( – 1664)

      He’s the 4th great-grandfather of the husband my 3rd great-grandaunt.

      Abraham Martin ( – 1664)
      relationship to you: 4th great grandfather of husband of 3rd great grand aunt
      Anne Martin
      Daughter of Abraham
      Louise Marie Ratte (1680 – 1760)
      Daughter of Anne
      Ursule Martin
      Daughter of Louise Marie
      Jean-François Chouinard
      Son of Ursule
      Jean-Marie Chouinard
      Son of Jean-François
      Joseph Chouinard (1789 – )
      Son of Jean-Marie
      Angèle Lagacé Mignier (1802 – 1873)
      Wife of Joseph
      Marie-Josephte Corbin Lacroix (1767 – 1839)
      Mother of Angèle
      Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé (1797 – 1875)
      Son of Marie-Josephte
      Stanislas Lagacé I (1816 – 1900)
      Son of Antoine
      Dennis Lagasse II (1842 – 1927)
      Son of Stanislas
      Léo Lagacé (1888 – 1964)
      Son of Dennis
      Léo Lagacé (1927 – 1995)
      Son of Léo
      Pierre Lagacé
      Son of Léo

      Does it mean I can get special prices on tickets to her show?

  2. I don’t know his conection Pierre … lol , but something I do know that thru my mother’s side of the family ” Masson” we find find our way back to Charlemagne but please don’t ask me how as it’s to close to.

    Merry Christmas … lol .

    Best of the season’s wishes to you and your family and to all who follow this great blog.

    • Always…!

      Happy Holidays…

      Take care as always…

      Watch the tourtière!

      You’re the reason I continue to write this blog.

      • Nous, au Québec, parlons toujours français, et avec fierté. Ma mère a conservé le nom de son père : Mainville.

      • Je ne saisis pas trop votre commentaire, mais votre nom de famille m’intéresse par contre.

  3. Hello Pierre: I am also a descendant of Catherine Baillon (9th great grandmother) through her son Jean Miville (Marie-Magdeleine Dube) and then Pierre Francois Miville (Marie Paradis) and then Marie Josephe Miville (Noel Augustin Brisson) and then Amable Brisson du Tilly (Marguerite Richer LeFleche) and then Marie-Egyptienne Brisson (Alexis Dube) and then Treffle Dube (Sophie Paris) my 3rd great grandparents ….and then Marie Helene (Ellen) Dube and Jean (John Bessette) followed by Emma Bessette (William Chambers Endall) my great grandparents… followed by Edgar Orville Endall (Esther Gertrude Rogers), my grandparents and then [ ], my parents and then me.
    I guess we are all family… can’t wait to talk to you all more.

    • I will have to check your information.
      I have this…
      Marie-Josephte was married to Andre-Basile Autin and also to Jacques Labourliere Laplante.

      Another Marie-Josephte married to Augustin Brisson was the daughter of Suzanne Guay and Joseph Miville.

  4. Hello –

    Today it’s Nov 21st/2013 I have read your blog with interest.
    My first ancestors were the Hugenots who arrived in Acadie in 1602. My First New France Ancestor was Abraham Martin who sailed from Dundee, Scotland in his little ship “The Salamander.” The Battle for Quebec was fought on his concession of land about a hundred years after his death. That was The Plains of Abraham.

    My grandmother Sophie Bernard is my royal gateway to Catherine de Baillon. Catherine de Baillon did arrive with a ship full of Filles du Roi but she was not sent by the King. She came as a passenger to marry Jacques. She actually paid her own way. I have followed these royal gateways as far as 483 years before the birth of Christ.

    I have been doing French Canadian genealogy for forty years.

    Please contact me as I have a lot of research to share.

      • My Grandmother was the daughter of Octave and Emma Deschenes who had 17 children.
        I was also told I was related to Charlemagne.I find this all so interesting.It is a journey to find my ancestor’s since they had large families.

      • I have come across this site by searching for my Grandmother. I was told that she ( Rita Mary Parent) had a mother named Philomena Canuel and Elphege Parent. The story I was told coincides with the Caron/Gagnon incident in Canada. My DNA as well as my Parents have been tested through Ancestry. The DNA matches me and my parents with ALL of the names involved in that murder. Mom and dad don’t know anything apparently. Can anyone help ??

  5. Bonjour Cousine,
    Je suis le fils de Pauline Mainville.
    Je suis descendant direct de Jacques Miville et de leur père, Pierre Miville “Le Suisse”, mercenaire de Louis XIV, le Roi Soleil. Il arriva au Canada dans la cinquantaine. C’est possiblement le plus vieux immigrant du 17e siècle en N-F.
    Je suis donc descendant d’une longue dynastie royale d’Europe.
    Je suis le prétendant du trône d’Amérique (Ah! Ah!)

    • J’espère que ces lectrices lisent l’anglais pour lire votre commentaire.
      Je vois que vous avez le sens de l’humour. J’aime bien les gens qui ont le sens de l’humour à l’exception de Guy A. Lepage qui a traité les filles du roi des prostituées.

      Avez-vous des ancêtres Rondeau dans le coin de St-Norbert?

  6. So, I picked this random name off a list, Catherine de Baillon, as the subject for my gr. 8 history project, not knowing anything about her except the fact that she was married in 1669. So I just did my project. I found out that she has a whole webpage dedicated to her! And after a little digging, I learned she was a direct descendant of Charlemagne! This is crazy! My history assignment just got a lot more interesting.

  7. Hello! Guess what? I’m related to you as well. Someone just did our family tree and Philip Amiot and Anne Couvent I think it is spelled? Which are the grandchildren generation of Catherine de Baillon.I was just saying hello. I do think your family photos do look like my family photos in their facial features. High cheek bones dark hair. –Kelli Moody

  8. Je suis Dominique Mainville, par Jacques Miville-Deschêne, g-p, Alphonse Mainville, g-m, Anna Nadeau 1891-1984. Saint-Gabriel-De-Brandon, Lanaudière, Québec

    • Alphonse Mainville, fils d’Alfred Mainville et de Nazarée Roy, a marié Anna Nadeau, fille de Pierre Nadeau et Anne Flamand, le 2 juillet 1912 à St-Gabriel-de-Brandon.

  9. Catherine de Baillon est aussi mon ancêtre. La famille Deschênes était une des familles pionnière du Village de Chertsey dans Lanaudière.
    Catherine de Baillon (1645 – 1688)
    Charles Miville dit Deschênes (1677 – 1758)
    Jean Baptiste Miville dit Deschênes (1717 – 1805)
    Henri Miville dit Deschênes (1759 – 1840)
    Joseph Miville dit Deschênes (1800 – )
    Moise Miville dit Deschênes (1839 – 1909)
    Joseph Deschênes (1869 – 1954)
    Rosaire Deschênes (1912 – 1992)
    Léa Deschênes (1933 – 2010)
    Louise Brousseau (****-**** )
    Simon Dufour

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