Someone I Did not Scare Away

I won’t be writing that much more from now on.

This is post 376.

Not that I scared someone else with all this obsession for Our Ancestors…

Dennis Lagasse IV was not scared away a bit when he first contacted me in December 2010. Since then he has shared more than 100 pictures his father Lionel had.

This is his latest picture: no. 102.

These are his great-grandparents Pierre Dubé and Emma Sévigny.

They were his grandmother Marie-Louise Dubé’s parents (yellow circle). Marie-Louise’s sister Olive is in the red circle.

Olive Dubé never married so I have no descendants to search for and scare away.

The Dubés and the Lagacés were closely related. Pierre’s brother Eugène Dubé married Lillie Lagasse, his other brother Joseph Dubé married Malvina  Lagasse, Lillie’s sister. 

This is why I was pretty excited when Dennis shared his first 101 pictures with me.

He shared all with me and I shared all with you…

What much more can I say or write about?

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