Henry Edward Moquin

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I wrote a lot about Our Ancestors… yours and mine since September 2009.

I always find a lot of pleasure when I help people in their search.

Judy was someone I helped finding her ancestor Jules Moquin. She told me about Jules’ nephew Henry Edward Moquin who remarried after Aurelie’s death in 1920.

Henry Edward Moquin was born May 6, 1883, in French Lake, Minnesota. He died July 4, 1969. He remarried Mary Lily (Lillian) Dubé.

Who was Mary Lily (Lillian) Dubé?

Pretty confusing isn’t?

At first I thought Mary Lily (Lillian) was Lillie Lagasse’s daughter, but I was wrong. She was Lillie’s niece, the daughter of Napoleon Dubé and Mary Emmons. Mary Emmons (it could be Émond) was Napoleon’s first wife.

Henry Edward Moquin fathered two children with his new wife Lillian, Aurelia’s youngest sister: Norman and Bernice.

I have a picture of Henry and Lillian, but I don’t have permission to post it here. 

If you are related to them, write me a comment and I will get in touch and share what I know about your ancestors.

7 thoughts on “Henry Edward Moquin

  1. Reblogged this on Our Ancestors and commented:

    About looking for ancestors…

    Larry wrote this comment about his ancestors.

    Henry Edward Moquin and Aurelie were my grandparents, I have a photo of Henry and Lilian I can share.

  2. Catherine Dube is my grandma. Her father: Napoleon, mother: Pamela Dube.
    Catherine Dube married Harold Silvernail.They had 3 kids: Dorothey, Lillian and a son who passed away around the age of 2.

  3. Thank you, Karen, Jules was married to Marie Dube. I’ve been trying to find out more information about the lineage. I was told Marie had been a Nun before coming to the United States. I have no idea if that is true. The person that gave me that information has passed away.

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