Judy’s help

I hope you don’t think I am making up all this

Judy is not one of the Dubé descendants I wrote a message to on Facebook last time, but she is the one who is responsible for all this and more…

Things on my blog always start with something like this…

A comment left by one of my readers, in this case Judy who wanted to help me.

Not sure if I can help.
Jules Moquin was my great-grandfather.
He was born in Canada, married Marie Dube.
I believe there are Lagaces somewhere in the family line, but I’m not sure where.
Can you, or anyone else offer any insights on Jules and Marie?

I always take the time to answer back.

I have not scared Judy away and I am sure she’s glad she wrote me. She now has a clearer picture of her ancestors and the problems you are faced with while using Ancestry.

Too many hints and too many false leads can lead you to wrong ancestors.

I am fixing all that… in my spare time.

One of Judy’s ancestors is Marie Dubé. She married Jules Moquin. That’s what made me look into my Dubés’ files just in case I could link Marie Dubé to the Dubés I had and, of course, Lillie Lagasse Dube.

I am glad I did because Judy was a great help since her Moquin ancestors were Dubés’ neighbors.


I finally found the missing link to my grandaunt Lillie Lagasse’s husband, Eugène Dubé who was Marie Dubé’s brother.

Georges Dubé and Angèle Miville-Deschênes are the parents I was not able find before Judy led me to them.

Now I have all their children 

Euphémie Dubé 1853 –
Pierre Dubé 1855 – 1943
Marie Dubé 1856 – 1935
Angèle Dubé 1859 –
Herminie Dubé 1861 –
Napoléon Dubé 1863 – 1942
Joséphine Dubé 1865 –
Séraphine Dubé 1867 –
Joseph Dubé 1870 –
Eugène Dubé 1872 –

and the link to the Dubé ancestor: Mathurin Dubé.

Furthermore, Joseph Dubé, Eugène’s brother, married Malvina Lagasse, Lillie’s sister… 

I think that guy has more feathers in store for us…

At last this picture is more and more interesting to look at…