Lillie Lagasse Dube

I have gathered a lot of information about my grandfather’s sister Lillie Lagasse since 2007, but I still don’t have pictures of Lillie or her husband Eugene Dubé who was a witness at my grandfather’s wedding in 1912.

This is Lillie’s file on Ancestry.

I have no pictures of Lillie or Eugene, but I am working on it using Facebook. I have found three grandchildren on Facebook and I hope they won’t be scared away with my passion for pictures of their ancestors.

Imagine the surprise of three people getting this message on Facebook…


I have been working on my family tree since 2007. I found your name in your mother’s obituary yesterday as I was searching for Dubé relatives.

The Dubés are related to my Lagacé lineage. Your father George was the son of Lillie Lagasse who was my grandfather’s sister.

I have all the Lagacé lineage as well as the Dubé lineage. You can contact me if you want. I also have pictures of Lillie’s siblings and her father Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis Lagasse) who emigrated to the U.S. in 1889.

You can pass this message along to relatives who might be interested.

Pierre Lagacé

To add to their surprise I have added this picture of their great-grandfather…!

Dennis Lagasse 1842-1927