Going out on a Limb

Sometimes I go out on a limb with some of the pictures my readers send me.

This is exactly what I did with this picture Ed had sent me a few months ago…

It was part of the lot of 31 unidentified ancestors.

Family 1

I got all excited and I was trying to match it up with a picture that Frank had sent me of John Archambeault, brother of Mary, Sophie and William Archambeault.

Frank Archambeault joined us last Saturday  for breakfast. He had brought a lot of pictures and what he called jokingly chicken notes.

Frank told me he did not think “Family 1” from Holyoke was John Archambeault, Florence Boucher and a daughter.

Then, Frank pulled a chicken out of his hat…

It was about this picture… his grandparents’s wedding picture that Robin had scanned last year!

– Robin? Robin who? Do we know her dear?

– I don’t know… but I guess we’ll found out soon enough.

Frank Archambeault had the name of William’s best man in a newspaper clipping!

Frank Lagassi!

The name sounded pretty familiar…