I have the Lagasse lineage if interested…

It’s hard to find the maiden name of women in many documents when searching for our ancestors.

While searching for Dosithée Lagasse’s wife’s maiden name, I found this post in a forum dating from 2004.


I’m seeking information about my great-great grandparents. Since what I have is very limited, ANY information will be greatly appreciated!

This is what I do know (family oral/written history):

Louis Albert Ephrem Turcotte was born 28 May 1871 in St.Germaine, Quebec, Canada. He married Josephine Chowinard/Chouinard (b. 1876, d. 1959) in 1892 in East Angus, Quebec. He died in 1951.

They came to the U.S. (settled in North Dakota) in 1906.

The oldest of their children was Josephine* Marie Turcotte (b. 1893, d. 1962), who was my great-grandmother. She married Dosithe Joseph Lagasse (b. 1883, d. 1940) in 1912. One of Dosithe & Josephine’s 16 children was my grandmother, Stella* Marie Lagasse (b. 1935 in Rolla, North Dakota).

Louis Turcotte/Josephine Chouinard’s children: Josephine*, August, Laura, Albert, Eugene, Herman, Antoinette (d. 6 mo.), Louis, Emil, Roderic, Stella, Ovella, Margaret, Marie, Dosithe (d. 5 mo.), Andrew, Roland, Lawrence, Bertha, and 4 still births.

Dosithe Lagasse/Josephine Turcotte’s children: Henry, Emil, Omer, Arthur, Marie, Eva, Zenon, Delia, Laura, Alice, Louis, Semon, Albert (d. infant), Stella*, Armand (d. infant), and Edward (Joe).

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share!

Dosithée Lagasse and Josephine Turcotte had 16 children! That’s a lot of André Mignier’s descendants.

I now have Dosithée Lagasse’s wife’s full name: Joséphine Turcotte.


I left this follow-up message…

I have the Lagasse lineage if interested…

As a footnote…

Look at the enumerator’s name on that page.


4 thoughts on “I have the Lagasse lineage if interested…

  1. Isn’t this something. A week ago I knew nothing much and now all this and sounds like more to come. What a great gift you have given me. Thanks so much.

  2. This is super! It appears that the enumerator would be my Dad’s cousin and the son of Dosithee Lagasse. He has passed away but my siblings and I called him Uncle Omer. I can’t wait to see where we are in the Lagasse lineage. Oh so super!!!

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