One of County’s First Pioneers Passes Away

Remember this comment made by Marilyn…


My name is Marilyn and I am a newbie at this. I am so happy that I found your blog. Very very interesting.

I have been trying for awhile, about a year, to get info on my Dad’s family. His name was Noel born in North Dakota in 1909 and his Dad was Joseph born in Quebec. My Gramma’s maiden name was Jalbert and I know they married in Quebec someplace. Grampa brought his big family to Saskatchewan in approx. 1911. I am having trouble finding out more info. All I have so far is the land description in Saskatchewan. If you could give me a lead to get me a little further that would be so great. My dad moved to Manitoba in 1939 and I live in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Well… I could not find her Lagasse lineage until she is the one who gave me one info that lead me to Rolla, Rolette County, North Dakota in 1940.

There was other Lagasse families in the St. John N. D. area when I was growing up.  They were Dad’s cousins.  I remember Omer Lagasse and Zenon Lagasse.


Sometimes I think someone is guiding me in my search for Our Ancestors.

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