Sometimes You Say Things That Come Back to Haunt You

Sometimes you say things that come back to haunt you like this comment I had left on Ancestry forum…

If you live in Massachusetts and you are looking for your roots…

I know a lot about André Mignier the ancestor of all the Lagasses, Lagacés, LaGasses namely Adolph Lagasse and Idola LaGasse who lived in Massachusetts

And the best part of it… It’s free.

Well sometimes you say things about your ancestors that come back to haunt you… 

Not all the Lagasses, Lagacés, LaGasses… are descendants of André Mignier.

There is a Lagasse family that settled in New Orleans in the 1860s.

Henri Jean Lagasse came from France with his wife Mathilde Dazet. They already had a daughter Marie born in France when they emigrated to the U.S. in 1859.

Henri Jean Lagasse and Mathilde (Mathilda) Dazet had more children…

I will have to learn not to make statements without being 100% sure.

Anyway, Mary Helen has found her late husband’s ancestors and she knows a little more about her husband’s roots in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Finally, about part of the statement I made…

And the best part of it… It’s free.

Everything I find and write about Our Ancestors is always free.

About Henri Jean Lagasse, all my articles are here.

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