I am still wondering…

I am still wondering if this is Sophie Archambeault and the man beside her is her husband Frank Lagasse (1858-1937), another descendant of Stanislas Lagacé I (1816-1900) whom we still don’t  have a picture of.

I have his dead certificate though, but that’s not enough.

Frank is the brother of Stanislas Lagacé II (Dennis Lagasse II, 1842-1927) seen here on another picture Dennis IV sent me last month.

The mustache is a dead giveaway.

There is another mustache I want to show you.

I wonder if this could be Frank Lagasse’s mustache on the old man on the right.

The mustache  is seen again here.

I always thought the old man was Dennis Lagasse II. Now I am sure he is not.

The old man could be Frank Lagasse because one of his son was Bill Lagasse, and the caption with this picture says Bill Lagasse is on it.

One thing for sure, we will know for sure one of these days as well as all the names of all those people on that picture.

As a footnote to all this crazy mustache search.

I am still searching for whose mustache this is.

You know dear, one day he will find out who we are…