Touching Lives Again and Again Take Two

Many people have helped me since 2010 to touch lives over and over again.

I had posted this tintype picture in March 2012 with this post.

Carl J. Archambeault Sr., who is Frank’s brother, found my blog before his brother did and he wrote me this e-mail.


I just came across this blog… 

Where are you located? 

Philip Archambeault (whose obituary is listed above) is my father. I’m the baby of 11 children of Philip and Elizabeth Archambeault.

He had that tintype picture and he said it was probably taken around 1880.

It was Jean-Baptiste Archambeault aka John Shambo, aka John Shambeau…

I thought I had recognized his son William Archambeault on that picture, but Frank set me straight about his grandfather on that picture.

It was taken before William’s birth in 1873!

Furthermore that person was a she…

She had breasts!

Since then, I have gathered more information about the Archambeault family thanks to Frank.

Slowly but surely Frank and I are on the road to identify more people…

See you on Monday.