I Could Not Resist

I could not resist the temptation of looking for Colette Aveline’s own ancestors.

The only record I need to find her father’s parents is the marriage act of Jean-Baptiste Aveline and Marie Végiard dite Labonté.

But I can’t find it. I believe Jean-Baptiste Aveline and Marie Végiard dite Labonté got married around 1800.

I have found Jean-Baptiste Aveline’s second and third marriage though, but it does not help much because most often the parents’ names are not included when the man is a widower or the woman is a widow.

second marriage in 1840

third marriage in 1848

I even found Jean-Baptiste Aveline dit St-Judes in the 1852 Canadian Census with his third wife Marie Soulange Gauthier dite Landreville.

Click here for the 1852 Canadian Census

The census record says Jean-Baptiste Aveline dit St-Judes was born in St-Denis.

I know for sure Colette’s ancestor is Jacques Avelines. He was a soldier in the Berry Regiment.

The Régiment de Berry :

Origin: Berry Region

In the beginning, the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Régiment de Berry were to be mobilized to India. However, the regiment’s destination was changed when Montcalm and Vaudreuil requested reinforcements: it landed in New France at the end of July 1757. The two battalions were stationed in Québec. In 1758, the regiment was sent to Carillon and contributed to its history. At the end of August, the regiment, which at first comprised 908 soldiers, had been reduced to 723 as a result of the battles that proved fatal for many. The remaining troops were not sent back to Québec for the Battle of the Plains of Abraham because their services were still needed at Carillon. However, they joined in the Battle of Sainte-Foy30.

The uniform worn by soldiers of the Régiment de Berry was also greyish-white, with red turnback cuffs, but it had five buttons instead of three, like the de la Reine and Guyenne Regiments. The justaucorps also had double vertical pockets fastened with six buttons. The jacket was red, the breeches and stockings greyish-white, the shoes black with metal buckles and the gaiters white. As for the tricorn, it was made of black felt and trimmed with gold braid31. (Source)

Click here for more info on that regiment.

Jacques Avelines married Madeleine Asselin on November 10, 1760, at Ste-Famille, Île d’Orléans.

Jacques Avelines was born around 1738 in Troyes, Champagne, in France. He was probably baptized at St-Just-Sauvage. The name St-Jude must have come from this since there is no St-Jude close to Troyes.

Since Colette Aveline’s father is 73 in 1852, according to the census, placing his birthyear around 1779, Jacques Aveline has so be Jean-Baptiste’s father.

Of course the marriage record of Jean-Baptiste Aveline and Marie Végiard dite Labonté would validate all this, but then we would have to look at a lot of pages in parish registers to find it.

There are no other Aveline ancestor in New France except Jacques Avelines. He is probably the sole ancestor of all the Avelines, Aveline, Aveline dit St-Jules, St-Jules, Aveline dit St-Jude, and  St-Jude in North America.

I think we can safely close this case with this last piece of evidence, a baptism act found in the parish record of St-Denis in 1779.

Guess who are the parents of little Jean-Baptiste Aveline?

The father even signed the document with the godmother.

One thought on “I Could Not Resist

  1. Hello Pierre. Thank you so much for helping me to understand how Aveline became St. Jules. My grandmother was Eva St Jules. Her father Eugene St. Jules. In doing my research with help from other St. Jules family I went back to Guillaume St. Jules (Aveline) Born Mar 18 1829 In:Laval (St-Vincent-de-Paul) Québec
    Died:Feb 23 1899 (at age 69) In: Alfred (St-Victor) (Prescott-Russell) Ontari0
    I knew that the name described a location is France but not what you have described including the Berry Regiment and St-just-sauvage. I am very greatful to know this.

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