Find A Grave Website

I did not want to post anything this week, but Susan came along and I had to post an article. This is how I met Susan on Monday.

A headstone!

I found her on this site.

This is what she wrote about herself…

This site has been such a great help in my family research. I have added my family info in hopes that it may help others. I am researching the following families: Strouhal and McClendon settled in Texas and the Newcity (Villeneuve), Twombly, Kidder, Grow, Brown families settled in the northeast in Vermont, NH, Mass, Ohio etc. Also researching the White family (Miss.) from my Uncle James L White. Let me know if you see anything that needs correcting or if you have additional info.

Have a nice day….

Susan has been searching for her roots since 2007 just like me. Someone helped me back in 2009 and the floodgates opened wide. Now it’s time for Susan’s floodgates to open wide.

Susan is a direct descendant of Edward Newcity who is Édouard Villeneuve, a French-Canadian who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1800s. I am a direct descendant of Dennis Lagasse who is Stanislas Lagacé, a French-Canadian who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1800s. Dennis Lagasse is a celebrity on this blog thanks to a lot of people who lent a helping hand and shared pictures of him without sometimes knowing who he was.

Dennis is the old man with the white hat. What Dennis has to do with Susan? Simple, his brother Joseph Lagasse married Edwina Newcity daughter of Edward Newcity and Calista…

Calista who? Susan has been searching for Calista Who’s and Edward Newcity’s  ancestorsShe sent me these notes.

As far as Calista’s last name, I have found several different names on some of her children’s birth/death/marriage records:
On son’s Moses W. Newcity marriage certificate shows Calista St Jule and on another one shown as Calista St John.
On son James Edward Newcity shows Calista St. Jude
On son Joseph Newcity Certificate of Death shows Clestia Vessers
On son Fred A. Newcity Certificate of Death shows Calista Sisters. On his marriage Info shows Calista St. Onge
On son Austin Newcity Birth record shows Jane
On son Austin H. Newcity Marriage Calista (Avaline) (note: St Jules Dit Aveline)
On daughter Mary Newcity Marriage shows Calista St. Jule
On daughter Dela Newcity Marriage shows Calista Jeos
On daughter Edna Newcity death certificate shows Calista M. Newcity

She had this clue…

On son Austin H. Newcity Marriage Calista (Avaline) (note: St Jules Dit Aveline)

That was the key!

The St-Jude family goes also by the name St-Jule and the name AvelineWith this marriage act of Édouard Villeneuve and Colette Aveline we had the parents’ names. 

The rest was easy as apple pie. Next time I will translate some of the marriage act. I sure hope Susan likes apple pie.

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