Meet the Daly Family and the Dubé sisters

If Ida Lagasse Lamothe was somewhat of a puzzle, the Daly family was easier to identify because my cousin Dennis filled me in on all the people’s names on the next picture.  

Diane Dubé is holding her son John Daly. Her sister Marie-Louise Dubé, who is Dennis’ grandmother, is between her two nieces, Joan Daly on the left and Dorthy Daly on the right.

Dennis met Dorthy Daly last week with her brother John who never saw these pictures before but we able to  identified their father on the left.   

John Daly had a farm in Val-Racine, Quebec, and several pictures of the old Lagasse photo album were taken there.

Val-Racine was St-Léon-de-Marston before they changed the name in 1957.

This is a Website dedicated to this town. The Website is in French only, but you can see images here.

St-Léon-de-Marston is where Diana Dubé was born. I found her birth certificate. Marie-Louise was born in Notre-Dame-des-Bois.

I also found the Dubé family in the 1911 Canadian Census in Marston.

Dubé Pierre 1853 
Dubé Emma 1862 (Emma Sévigny)
Dubé Delia F 1889 
Dubé Victor M 1892 
Dubé Elise F 1894 
Dubé Marie F 1897  (Marie-Louise)
Dubé Arselie F 1899 
Dubé Olive F 1902 
Dubé Diana F 1903

This is probably a picture of three Dubé sisters.

At least we know that Marie-Louise Dubé is in the middle and Olive is not on it.

Here is a montage of several pictures found in the old Lagasse album.

Here is another one…

Searching for all the names could go on forever you know.

Sometimes we have to control ourselves and take a breather for a while.

Next time, I will have some of Frank Archambeault’s tin pictures to share with you.

I think I know who she is, just by looking at this picture Robin had scanned last year.

I will tell you more next Monday.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Daly Family and the Dubé sisters

  1. Hi Pierre, just one quick correction if you would allow me, the Daly’s never owned a farm in Val-Racine, it was the Dubé( Diana’s father) that owned a farm in then St-Léon. John Daly married to Diana, was born in Hartford Ct and married Diana after she moved to Bristol Ct. from St-Léon.

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