1940 U.S. Census

Would you like to know more about Harry Lagasse and Anna Campbell? About Little Gerard on this picture taken around 1917?

This next picture was taken around 1916.

Harry and Harvey Lagasse, Mae Cox, Anna Campbell


Harry Lagasse becomes Harry Lagassey and is a carpenter by trade. His wife Anna Campbell is listed as Anna Lagassey.

Little Gerard is now 23 and he works as a Special Police at the New York World’s Fair.

Why am I telling you all this? Because someone once wrote a comment on this blog on October 19, 2010…

Hi Pierre

I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info with you.



He never wrote back…

I probably scared him away with  my passion  for Our Ancestors…

As a footnote to all this, Harry and Anna had another son: Lawrence.

Click here to learn more about him.

Dennis Lagasse II… A Family Man

I guess my great-grandfather was a family man.

Stanislas Lagacé was born on August 9, 1842, in Henryville in the province of Quebec. I knew back in 2007 that I had a great-grandfather of course like everybody else, but I knew nothing about him.

Everything I have found out about Stanislas Lagacé is because some people cared and were willing to share what little information they had about Stanislas Lagacé.

My 3rd cousin Sandy had been looking for him since 1985 when her uncle got her interested in genealogy. She always wonder who was that elusive Dennis Lagasse.

He is not elusive anymore and he’s even more famous than Emeril Lagasse, well on this blog that is…

Lionel Lagasse had these pictures of Dennis aka Stanislas who is his great-great-grandfather.

I never met Lionel in person but I know that Stanislas’ kindness runs in his veins as well as his son’s.

Amanda Ménard… Everything is falling into place

This is Amanda Ménard, Dennis Lagasse III’s wife, and the mother of 12 children.

It’s about time I get some recognition…

Lionel Lagasse has identified her.

He should know she’s his grandmother. Lionel was kind enough to bring the old Lagasse album with him, and his son Dennis IV was kind enough to share them with me and my readers.

Amanda Ménard, who by the way is Caroline Ménard’s sister, is also seen here in another picture sent in 2010 by someone else.

Amanda is not identified by a caption like Aunt Ida, Pépère, and Levi. Even the house is identified…

E. Bristol.

At first, I thought the woman standing behind little Germaine Lagasse was Amanda Ménard. That was making sense back then in 2010 since Amanda Ménard was Germaine’s grandmother.

Who else could she be?

Well I was wrong. She is not Amanda, because Amanda is smiling for the photographer right behind her son Victor Philip Lagasse, little Germaine’s father.


The woman behind little Germaine has to be related somehow to this family. I wonder who she is.

She’s not a neighbor that’s for sure.

I would take a wild guess and venture she is Marie Lagasse the eldest of Dennis III’s and Amanda’s children. I know Alice Myers, Germaine’s mother is on the right. She’s is pregnant.

I am almost 100% sure.

This is Alice Myers again with Victor Philip back in 1912.

Lovely picture…

Harry Lagasse is with his wife Anna Campbell.

This is Harry again with his son Gerard.

Déjà vu…?

How about this…?

Or this…


You should easily identify someone…


Who is this man?

Who is this man on this picture found in the old Lagasse album that belongs to Lionel Lagasse?

Is he the same man with his grandchildren?

Or this old man on the left in the back with Dennis Lagasse III with his son Harry and his grandson Gerard?

I know who he is.

At first I thought this was Dennis Lagasse I.

But Dennis Lagasse IV put me on the right track.

Look again.

Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse (1842-1927)

This is my great-grandfather’s picture…

Isn’t this great! And he’s the ancestor of a lot of Americans who know nothing about him.

Isn’t that…! 

Pictures From the Lagasse’s Album

Last year Lionel Lagasse sent me these pictures via his son Dennis.

Lionel’s grandfather was Dennis Lagasse III.

Dennis Lagasse III is easily identified as well as on this picture of his family.

This is Dennis Lagasse II. He was Dennis Lagasse III’s father.

Dennis Lagasse II is my great-grandfather. His youngest son was Léo born on June 5, 1888. He was my grandfather.

Nothing to get too excited about…? 

Of course I was excited to see those pictures of my grandfather’s brother’s family!

Back in 2007 when I started getting interested in my ancestors I knew nothing about my grandfather’s family or his siblings.

That was before I decided to start writing this blog.

Well I had some information but I had no pictures. These people were only names in a family tree.

Yesterday, Lionel’s son, Dennis Lagasse IV, posted some more pictures on his Facebook page to share them with friends and family. He gave me the go-ahead to post them here… 39 in all!

Nothing to get too excited about…?

You will see.

Lionel’s old family album is full of pictures of the Lagasses and the Dubés. The Dubés were just names in my family tree.

Here Dennis Lagasse III is seen in the middle. I don’t know who are the other two… 


But I do recognize the house in the back.

On this next picture Dennis Lagasse III is again in the middle… under a hat! I believe he is wearing his son’s Joseph’s hat.

Joseph is on the right. Levi Napoleon, who is Lionel’s father, is on the left.

Here again we see them goofing around… Victor Philip is wearing a flower on his lapel. Did he just got married?

Dennis III is helping his son Harvey to climb up the tree while Victor is imitating a monkey.

Meantime Dennis’ wife Amanda Ménard Lagasse is doing the laundry…

I wonder what they are up to…

But is this woman really Amanda Ménard?

This could be Mary Lagasse, Amanda’s daughter… with her straight face seen on the porch on the left in this picture Lionel sent last year.

All the children of Dennis III and Amanda Ménard are pictured here. 12 in all.

This will help you out finding who’s who.


Next time, more pictures…

I hope you are all excited about all this.

Still Puzzled?

Now I am sure you did not stumble on this blog by chance.

I got your attention last time with these tin pictures didn’t I?

Pictures that might have found themselves in a garbage truck. Instead somone sent them to Robin who scanned all of them even if she did not know who these people were.

Thanks to Robin, Fran’s distant relatives now have pictures of their ancestors if they happened to stumble on this blog.

I believe I have found Helen Alexandre and two of her children. She had three boys: Joseph, David and Philip before her death in or before 1901.

Fran gave me some clues to look at after her meeting with distants relatives whose ancestor was Joseph Bleau. Joseph Bleau Senior married Emma Gallope on February 15, 1901. That would be after Helen’s death. 

Joseph Bleau was David Bleau’s brother who had married Agnes Alexandre who was Helen’s sister.

David Nathanael Bleau.

Who are these children?

Probably Joseph Bleau Junior, born on March 3, 1891, with his brother little David Bleau born on December 9, 1893.

David Nathanael Bleau is most probably little David’s godfather.

How do I know? Because it makes a lot of sense.


I am sure Helen Alexander is photographed here with her parents, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (Alexander) and Philomène Lagacé (Libbie Lagasse), and her two sisters Agnes and Myra. This picture is taken in late 1894.

Now any distant relatives of Fran can benefit from our search and have pictures of their ancestors. 


Did you stumble on this blog about genealogy by chance?

Genealogy attracts a lot of people searching for their ancestors.

Last year, Robin, who lives on the West Coast, scanned close to 100 pictures.  I was quite excited about them especially these tin-type photographs.

Robin is not even directly related to these people. Her husband is.

Only one person was identified.

David Nathanael Bleau.

Every picture Robin sent me about him and his descendants are on this blog. This is what we do.

We share all and try to identify every one. We ask for nothing in return and we don’t sell coffee mugs or phony coats of arm.

This picture remains a mystery concerning the two children.

Helen Alexander would be photographed here and she would be the mother. The children’s father would be Joseph Bleau, David’s brother, but he is not on this picture.

Their grandparents are on it though: Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (Alexander) and Philomène Lagacé (Libbie Lagasse) both of French-Canadian descent.

What about them…?

These documents Fran sent me two days ago tell a lot about them.

Jean-Baptiste Alexander’s death certificate

Philomene Lagasse’s death certificate

About this montage…

The man on the right, top row?

We did not know who he was a few months ago.

Now we know for sure and now we know a lot more about how John B. Alexander died,

Jean-Baptiste Alexander II’s death certificate

Still puzzled?