Ida Lagasse Lamothe

Last year when Robin sent me this picture I thought it was a picture of Edna Lagasse that was part of little Marie’s collection.

Edna Lagasse?

There was no caption.

I wrote that I might be wrong about that picture.

Robin had scanned also the picture below where I believed Edna could be on the right in the third row. Her brother Levi Napoleon Lagasse seemed to have been on the left.

When I saw that picture, I did this montage.

There were many ressemblances between the people on the left and some people on the right.

Starting with this assumption I wrote several articles about two of Edna’s sons. Robert and William were both killed in WWII.

Now, thanks to Lionel, we have more pictures to work with and they clearly identify Ida Lagasse Lamothe.

So where’s Ida?

Click on the image…

See you on Monday.