Tired of reading this blog about Our Ancestors?

Then try this for a change…

These pictures found in the old Lagasse album.

one of our lighter than air ships

Try finding information on Google about this airship… a U.S. Army OA-1 observation blimp and its sleeping quarters.

Good luck!

They were also called Pony blimps.

where our little blimp sleeps

Priceless pictures!

Try finding information on when and where this parade took place?

Most probably in Bristol, Connecticut.

And were these soldiers from Bristol going to war, coming back, or just parading?

So many questions we don’t have answers to…


I know Joe is going to help me on this…

I hope you are not bored to death about all these old pictures in the old Lagasse album…

Unknown soldier

Unknown soldier

Ida Lagasse on the left

As I said before, this is a never-ending blog…

I don’t know if Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse was driving the bus…

If this is not enough, try figuring out when and where this picture was taken…

This is certainly not taken in Bristol, Connecticut!

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