I Wonder If…

I wonder what would happen if someone type one of these days “Alice Rose Lagasse” on Google…

Just try it.

Probably that someone will stumble on my blog like my second cousin once removed Dennis Lagasse IV did in 2011 and get addicted to old pictures.

I don’t tell everything I have found on this never-ending blog about genealogy since I started writing it in 2009. You can read between the lines. 

I know this blog will never stop reuniting people like the Dubé family seen here on this picture.

At least two are Dubés, maybe four.

Marie-Louise Dubé is on the left holding the hat and her sister Olive is in the back on the right. Olive Dubé never married so no one is looking for her as an ancestor.

Marie-Louise Dubé married Levi Napoleon Lagasse. She has a lot of descendants out there who know nothing of their French-Canadian roots.

Dennis Lagasse and his father Lionel gave me some information about the Dubés. Marie-Louise and Olive  had another sister, Diane.

Guess what?

Diane is here with her three children and her sisters Marie-Louise and Olive. Lionel gave his son Dennis all the names on this picture.

Now let’s go back to this picture.

Not everyone on it has been identified especially the woman behind little Germaine. I would bet 2 dollars it’s Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse. She lost her straight face and she is smiling at us.

But then again I might be wrong and make a fool of myself.

Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse married Clair Perrin Roys. That is what I have in my files. Her children were…

Ann Roys
Gertrude Roys
Marie Roys 1923 –
Clair Perrin Roys 1924 – 1998
Harold Roys 1926 –
Richard Roys 1929 –

It would be nice to hear from them also one of these days so I will be able to share all the pictures people have shared with me since 2009.

How do I know Marie Rose Elmira was married to Clair Perrin Roys?


Amanda’s obituary,

About Clair Perrin Roys…

I wonder what would happen if someone type one of these days “Clair Perrin Roys” on Google…

I just wonder.