Move Over

I told you Dennis IV had more… This exclusive picture of Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse.

This is what Marie Lagasse seems to say… if she is really who I think she is and she is really driving the car.

We are in Connecticut, in 1917.

Look at the license plate…

I think the driver is Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse the woman with the straight face on this picture Lionel sent last year.

Another part of the big puzzle Dennis IV is getting addicted to. 

How do I know he has become addicted to old pictures…?

He told me.

Here on this picture Lionel also sent last year Marie Rose Elmira would be the little girl on the right with little Harvey and their Granpa Lagassy (Dennis II).

circa 1895

Boy I love this picture…

It reminds me of all the affection I have for my two grandchildren. Furthermore the little boy looks a lot like my 9 months-old grandson.

Every picture Dennis IV sent has its own story to tell like this one… where Granpa and little Harvey are once again reunited.


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By the way, who is the girl on the left?

I think I know…

Well I thought I knew until I saw the license plate and looked more closely at this picture.

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