I don’t mind sharing

I know I did not scare Fran away with my passion to reunite people with their ancestors.

She wrote this beautiful message.

How wonderful for Lionel to share his album. It’s a delight to follow your journey of discovery, which has been expanded so much by the people you have met and through the photos they have sent. How many have wished that they had been so enriched.

I have always been amazed by the generosity of genealogists; and your blog is a shining example. Looking forward to your next entry.


PS.  I can see more family resemblance of the newly identified Amanda to my Grandmother Alice Alexandre, her niece. Thank you for the glimpse of how my great grandmother would have looked.

About all those pictures Lionel shared with us…, please contact me if you use them.

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I don’t mind sharing.

Enjoy our ancestors!



Come back for more… because Dennis IV has more in store for our ancestors’ descendants.