Amanda Ménard… Everything is falling into place

This is Amanda Ménard, Dennis Lagasse III’s wife, and the mother of 12 children.

It’s about time I get some recognition…

Lionel Lagasse has identified her.

He should know she’s his grandmother. Lionel was kind enough to bring the old Lagasse album with him, and his son Dennis IV was kind enough to share them with me and my readers.

Amanda Ménard, who by the way is Caroline Ménard’s sister, is also seen here in another picture sent in 2010 by someone else.

Amanda is not identified by a caption like Aunt Ida, Pépère, and Levi. Even the house is identified…

E. Bristol.

At first, I thought the woman standing behind little Germaine Lagasse was Amanda Ménard. That was making sense back then in 2010 since Amanda Ménard was Germaine’s grandmother.

Who else could she be?

Well I was wrong. She is not Amanda, because Amanda is smiling for the photographer right behind her son Victor Philip Lagasse, little Germaine’s father.


The woman behind little Germaine has to be related somehow to this family. I wonder who she is.

She’s not a neighbor that’s for sure.

I would take a wild guess and venture she is Marie Lagasse the eldest of Dennis III’s and Amanda’s children. I know Alice Myers, Germaine’s mother is on the right. She’s is pregnant.

I am almost 100% sure.

This is Alice Myers again with Victor Philip back in 1912.

Lovely picture…

Harry Lagasse is with his wife Anna Campbell.

This is Harry again with his son Gerard.

Déjà vu…?

How about this…?

Or this…


You should easily identify someone…


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