Pictures From the Lagasse’s Album

Last year Lionel Lagasse sent me these pictures via his son Dennis.

Lionel’s grandfather was Dennis Lagasse III.

Dennis Lagasse III is easily identified as well as on this picture of his family.

This is Dennis Lagasse II. He was Dennis Lagasse III’s father.

Dennis Lagasse II is my great-grandfather. His youngest son was Léo born on June 5, 1888. He was my grandfather.

Nothing to get too excited about…? 

Of course I was excited to see those pictures of my grandfather’s brother’s family!

Back in 2007 when I started getting interested in my ancestors I knew nothing about my grandfather’s family or his siblings.

That was before I decided to start writing this blog.

Well I had some information but I had no pictures. These people were only names in a family tree.

Yesterday, Lionel’s son, Dennis Lagasse IV, posted some more pictures on his Facebook page to share them with friends and family. He gave me the go-ahead to post them here… 39 in all!

Nothing to get too excited about…?

You will see.

Lionel’s old family album is full of pictures of the Lagasses and the Dubés. The Dubés were just names in my family tree.

Here Dennis Lagasse III is seen in the middle. I don’t know who are the other two… 


But I do recognize the house in the back.

On this next picture Dennis Lagasse III is again in the middle… under a hat! I believe he is wearing his son’s Joseph’s hat.

Joseph is on the right. Levi Napoleon, who is Lionel’s father, is on the left.

Here again we see them goofing around… Victor Philip is wearing a flower on his lapel. Did he just got married?

Dennis III is helping his son Harvey to climb up the tree while Victor is imitating a monkey.

Meantime Dennis’ wife Amanda Ménard Lagasse is doing the laundry…

I wonder what they are up to…

But is this woman really Amanda Ménard?

This could be Mary Lagasse, Amanda’s daughter… with her straight face seen on the porch on the left in this picture Lionel sent last year.

All the children of Dennis III and Amanda Ménard are pictured here. 12 in all.

This will help you out finding who’s who.


Next time, more pictures…

I hope you are all excited about all this.